Anxiety and Panic – This Can Help (talk and practice)

Science has proven that specific ways of breathing can reduce or eliminate anxiety, stress, and even panic disorders. In this episode, Sienna shares a time when she experienced a panic attack and how years later she discovered practices that helped her to overcome them. She also talks about the science of how stress, anxiety, and panic manifest in the body-mind and shares ways that you can help yourself move through these stressful states with more awareness and ease.

To live a more peaceful and happy life it is critical to learn the warning signs of anxiety and panic so you can catch them early. Sienna offers a two-step process to work with these states and learn how to be more in charge of your physical, emotional, and mental health. It is key to understand how the body works and to learn how to implement the appropriate breathing strategies that will help reduce or eliminate anxiety and panic.

This episode is part talk and part guided breath practice. Use the information and practices to inspire you to incorporate a daily breathing practice into your so you can build your Breathe Better muscle and feel more calm, clear, and centered.

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