6-Week Journey to Shift your Life

We cannot go back to what was pre-COVID, that has been decimated. We cannot go fully into what is being created post-COVID. We really have no idea what our lives will look like even a week from now. This is deeply troubling for most of us and it is throwing our systems into a prolonged state of stress.

What can we do? We can look at the root cause of stress and address it using our yoga practice. What happens if we do not address it? I do not want to sugar coat things…it is not time for that. Prolonged stress will decimate our health.

How can we do it?  Make space to practice every single day. But, I don’t have time. For your health, I would hope you would make the time. But, I don’t have resources. I would hope you would get creative and make the resources. We make time and resources for what is important to us.

When can we do it?  Right now. The time is now to make changes in our lives that we know we have needed to make for years, even decades. When we are even less certain about our futures than ever before things become urgent. There in lies the gift. Urgency creates an energy to move past what has blocked you in the past and launch into a NEW way of being. Time is now.

The adrenaline of stress can be used for our health and healing. Fight or flight state is not a bad thing. It is energy and we can use it. We must use it for the RIGHT things. The wrong things are consuming too much news, too much social media, too much amazon purchasing. The RIGHT things are mindful movement, healthy eating, time in nature, and raising our consciousness through meditation and breathing. I am sure you can add to this list.

Would you like support to do this? Having someone who is your guide and accountability partner is key or we won’t make the changes we need to make. We need to feel supported each and everyday especially if this change is BIG.

I can help you!  I am launching a brand NEW group called the SHIFT Your LIFE Sangha. It is a 6 week daily wellness support system to shift your life towards excellent health and wellness for good.  I am only taking 15 people.   I am not offering this program again this year.

Shift Your Life Program – This groundbreaking program is a structured, experiential process of Yoga, Breathe Well, Meditation, Inquiry, Healthy Living, and Coaching.  A cohort moves through the process together and you have support all around you. This is a TOTAL game changer.

How can I find out more?  Book a FREE 30-minute consult.  Learn what the program includes and how it can completely SHIFT you on all levels.  Heal chronic issues, feel new higher levels of energy, create positive mind-states, embody better breathing, and finally feel GREAT in your own skin.  

As a Certified Yoga Therapist, 20-year experienced Yoga Teacher, Breathe Well guide, and Wellness Coach I know that I can support you. Book your FREE Consult below, space is limited!