Breathe Well:
Entry, Next Level & 21-Day Challenge

Breathing well helps every system in your body to function optimally. The problem is, most of us breathe poorly with 95% of us over-breathing, gripping our belly, shallow chest breathing, and holding our breath. Breathing improperly causes dozens of health conditions including headaches, high blood pressure, insomnia, digestive issues, brain fog, memory loss, fatigue, and more. The breath is the one thing that helps all of those conditions.  

Sienna’s techniques come from ancient yogic texts and modern western science. Breathe Well brings into practice the best of both worlds.  There has never been a better time to double down on the breaths profound impact on all levels of our health and vitality.  The power of the breath brings a sense of calm, focus, concentration, and vibrance on all levels. During this stressful time, protect your health by learning these critical self-care breathing techniques. Everyone can do it and breathing is free.

Entry-level and 21-Day Breathe Well Challenge are open to all levels.  The Next-Level practice is open to those who have completed a 5-Day Entry or 21-Day Challenge. Join us for a series today!

Classes are live-streamed on zoom and recorded for later viewing. Zoom links to the class sent out the day before the course begins.