Breathe Well Entry and Next Level

Breathing well helps every system in your body to function better. The problem is, most of us breathe poorly. Using Sienna’s techniques, which come from yoga and western science-based models, you will learn to breathe well. This brings a sense of calm, focus, connection, and overall vibrant health. During this stressful time, protect your health by learning these critical self-care breathing techniques. Entry-level is a KEY foundational course in breathing well.  Next-Level we practice, refine, and learn more!

Classes are live-streamed on zoom and recorded for later viewing. Zoom links to the class sent out the day before the course begins.

Breathe Well Weekly Sangha

After you complete the 5-Day Course you can JOIN our Breathing Sangha! Once you have created an amazing foundation from participating in the 5-Day Breathing Courses NOW you get to DIVE deeper into techniques and enjoy all the wonderful health benefits that come with GREAT breathing. Plus you get an awesome community to BREATHE with. People who are just as into the breath as you!

Breathing Sangha members receive a live 50-minute Breathe Well class each week plus the recorded video to watch and review for 14 days. You do not have to make the live class to get the recording. Join our Breathe Well community today!