Top 5 Reasons Hip Health is Key for People Over 50

1. Mobility and independence: This is no joke! When I was 50, I broke both my feet and ankles. I could not walk and completely lost my independence. It was terrifying! Hips play a crucial role in maintaining mobility and balance. Strong and healthy hips allow us to perform daily activities such as walking, climbing stairs, and getting up from a chair or bed without assistance. Taking care of our hips can help maintain our independence and quality of life.

2. Arthritis management:
 Osteoarthritis, a common condition in those over 50, can affect the hip joint, leading to pain, stiffness, and reduced mobility. Taking care of the hips can involve exercises, weight management, and joint-friendly activities that help manage arthritis symptoms, reduce pain, and improve joint function.


3. Preventing falls and fractures: As we age, the risk of falls and fractures increases. Hips are particularly vulnerable to fractures, especially in conditions like osteoporosis, where bones become weaker and more prone to breakage. By taking care of our hips through exercises, proper nutrition, and practicing balance in yoga, we can reduce the risk of hip fractures and subsequent complications.

4. Overall musculoskeletal health: The hips are a part of the more extensive musculoskeletal system, and taking care of them contributes to overall bone and muscle health. Engaging in weight-bearing exercises and yoga, maintaining a balanced diet rich in calcium and vitamin D, and avoiding excessive sedentary behavior can support the health of the entire musculoskeletal system, including the hips.

5. Avoiding hip replacement surgery:
 Hip replacement surgery may be necessary in severe cases of hip joint deterioration or injury. By taking care of our hips early on, older individuals can delay or prevent the need for such invasive procedures, reducing the associated risks, costs, and recovery time.

By prioritizing hip health, we can improve our mobility, reduce the risk of falls and fractures, manage arthritis, maintain musculoskeletal health, and potentially avoid surgery, all of which contribute to a better quality of life in our later years.


Sienna Smith C-IAYT, CAPP She is a certified yoga therapist and physical therapy aide. She supports people regain optimal alignment, strength, mobility and function of their hips through a unique yoga and physical therapy program called Hip Health.


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