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Get simple, effective, and scientifically proven breathing techniques that will decrease feelings of overwhelm and anxiety, and improve your health on all levels.  Breathing methods help calm your nervous system, and improve heart function, digestion, brain function, sleep quality and more.  Learn 12 breathing techniques and 6 assessment tools that will support you for the rest of your life. Truly, the ONLY breathing course you will ever need!

Expertly taught and professionally filmed breathing lessons that get you immediate results!

Join Sienna in her virtual breathing room and dive into the profound practice of breathing.

Discover, explore and test out the top 18 breathing techniques and learn the ones that work best for you.

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Get personal support during the course to address your needs and meet your health goals.  Her personalized tips will get you incredible results!

30-Day Breathing


Take the guess work out! Get a month of suggested practices for each day of the month. Progress faster and feel confident with this 30-day plan.

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Jump into Sienna’s pop-up live Breathing Room sessions free for 3 months.  Join her community to breathe together and deepen your practice.