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My mission is to help improve our health and happiness through Breathing Better. Regardless of age, race, orientation in life we all breathe. We are unified in our breath and need to breathe better to live better.  Breathing better means we are healthier, more productive, better connected, and enjoy life more! Everyone should have the opportunity to Breathe Better, and my mission is to not only bring breathing to YOU but also to schools, hospitals, seniors centers, low-income, and minority groups. You can be part of the movement!

Episode 1 – The Breath is a Wonder Drug

What is the BEST place to start your breath practice? Find out in today’s episode! Learn about the breath, and then be guided in a short essential breath practice. If you learn just one practice – this is it!  Science shows that breathing well can decrease anxiety, lower blood pressure, improve heart function, sharpen mental focus, and help you feel more peaceful throughout the day. These benefits can happen within seconds or minutes of starting the practice. Check it out and see what happens for you!

Episode 2 – Live Longer

Stress and uncertainty fuel our daily life. It’s changing our breath,  challenging our health, and making our lives shorter. The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way! Clinical studies show that everyone can significantly improve their health by breathing better. We can re-pattern and rewire our breath so that we live longer and enjoy a higher quality of life. In this episode, learn the top 3 things that impact our longevity. Then be guided in two breathing techniques that can help. Life is short, but it is never too late to start a daily breath practice to make it last longer.

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