Sienna Smith C-IAYT, PTA, CAPP

Sienna is an expert-level yoga therapist and teacher for 20 years. She is also a physical therapy aide working in a clinical setting in Marin. She has guided thousands of people in yoga classes, yoga teacher trainings, yoga therapy,  physical therapy modalities and breathing techniques. Some of her credentials and experience include:

Certified Yoga Therapist with International Association of Yoga Therapists, Physical Therapy Aide at Presidio Sports & Medicine, Host of the Breathe Better Podcast, Certificate in Positive Psychology from the Flourishing Center in NYC, Registered Senior Yoga Alliance Teacher.  

Sienna founded Yoga Mountain Studio in Marin, CA for 13 years. In 2022, she opened a yoga therapy clinic in San Anselmo called Yoga & Wellness.  She is based out of  the San Francisco Bay Area and travels worldwide to teach and connect.

Sienna has contributed to Yoga Journal and created Desk Yoga Essentials a video series with YJ. She has also appeared in Gary Kraftsow’s best selling yoga DVD. She is first and foremost a student and is grateful to all her teachers.

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Sara PT

“I just LOOOOOVE how you have incorporated your knowledge from working at a PT clinic into your practice. I want to thank, for starters, on bringing awareness of what PT can be into your population. I feel that you already have a better understanding of the body and muscles and mechanics than a lot of PTs and it is so beautiful to see how you are incorporating that into your yoga teachings. It is truly a gift to all those you touch!!!!!”

~ Sara PT


“I’m loving your PT-enhanced classes. It’s so in line with where I am in my own practice. . .slower, deeper, more focus on sensation, flow, and muscular energy.”

~ Marilyn

I am having a profound experience this week, since I began the Breathe Well practices… my anxiety and depression levels feel like they are less than usual and significantly less than since Covid hit, my sleep is more sound and I feel rested when I awake, and I have more energy throughout my workday and I am experiencing more inspiration overall. Thank you.

~ Muriel

Sara PT

I loved all the twisting and the freeing up of my spine and breath. Loved your quote in the beginning and your reading from the Bhagavad Gita verses to unnravel the philosophy of life and the spiritual. Oh and the breathing – your classes are so potent! Thank you.

~ Jean Marie


Thank you for mid-back opening class this morning. Super helpful! I’ve been wondering about “the back of the heart” for years. How to not just open up the front, but also back. Another memorable class I attended was your heart-opening one & I still practice those poses.

~ Brigid

The knowledge I received from you has helped me to restructure my practice to include more strength building which has helped so much my hip pain is nearly gone!!

~ Nicole

Sara PT

Sienna is truly a master of her craft! She knows the body well and uses yoga in a creative and safe manner to bring balance to the body. She is passionate about yoga and her continued studies in the field are evident as her talents and classes are always evolving.

~ Jenni


While doing the Cobra I realized that, apart from my shoulders and back, I was supporting myself almost entirely with my side body. When I consciously engaged my inner thighs and other core muscles, I suddenly felt so much more confident.

~ Karen

I’ve come to depend on waking up to your voice. I’ve noticed big internal and external changes, feel your support deeply and a growing sense of stability and patience with myself.

~ Wendy

Sara PT

Wow, that class this morning was so great for me! I do have severe arthritis on the left side… you gave so many tips for things I can do myself! Thank you.

~ Kerry

Your yoga has been beneficial not only to my body but also for my body-spirit connection.  Old energies have cleared in the areas you have focused, especially my hips. I too had hip injury and I had to take Advil every night which I am not now.” Thank you for all of your teachings.

~ Sherrill

You are a phenomenal teacher. I appreciate your depth and wisdom and on a practical level, your detailed instructions as we work. Even on good ole Zoom, it’s very reassuring.

~ Sheri